Pirates Of Caribbean

Inspired from the story of Pirates of Caribbean of Disney. In the early 18th Century while sailing to Port Royal, Jamaica, Governor Weatherby Swann, his daughter Elizabeth, and Lieutenant James Norrington encounter a burning shipwreck and recover a young boy, Will Turner. Elizabeth discovers a golden pirate medallion owned by Will, but keeps it so as to protect him. As boats are launched to scour the wrecked merchantman, Elizabeth sees a ghost ship vanishing into the fog. Eight years later, Norrington is promoted to the rank of Commodore and proposes to Elizabeth, but her tight corset causes her to faint and fall into the sea. Will’s necklace, which she is wearing, casts a summoning spell. She is rescued by Captain Jack Sparrow, whom Norrington identifies as a pirate due to his branded mark; Sparrow came to Port Royal intending to commandeer a ship.


*This Chess Pieces is not purchasable separately. It is purchasable as complementary to: William VI Chess Table


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