Twin Peacock Platter

IDR 2.400.000

Inspired by two Asiatic birds that has extravagant eye-spotted tail covert feathers. Ancient Greeks believed that the flesh of peafowl/peacock did not decay after death, so it became a symbol of immortality. This symbolism was adopted by early Christianity, thus many early Christian paintings and mosaics show the peacock. The peacock is still used in the Easter season, especially in the east. The ‘eyes’ in the peacock’s tail feathers symbolise the all-seeing Christian God and – in some interpretations – the Church.  By Christian adoption of old Persian and Babylonian symbolism, in which the peacock was associated with Paradise and the Tree of Life, the bird is again associated with immortality. In Christian iconography, the peacock is often depicted next to the Tree of Life.


*Color on detail pictures may varies based on photography lighting techniques.

Material: Non-Hollow Bronze Casting with Colorful Finishes


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